Every working process with a client starts with a long dialogue about their product and their scope of expectations and needs. I believe that getting to know and understanding the product’s values and essence, is the best way to construct a clear creative vision of what would be the suitable frame of design for the product to shine. Once I have this vision in mind, I strive to achieve it. 

My journey as an independent graphic designer started in 2012, right after graduating my studies in the Bezalel Visual Communication department. Having an experience as a designer of over a decade, I know how to merge between the needs and goals of the product with the right aesthetics and up to date visual language. As I accompany the client from beginning to end, it is important for me to nourish along the process a fruitful exchange of ideas and thoughts with her/him, as it creates a positive dynamic that can last for years and develop into a confident mutual trust. 
Web design
Marketing communications & campaigns

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